Definition: Common Semitic noun *ɔab-, father. 1. Abraham, from Hebrew ɔabrāhām, the (divine) father is exalted, from ɔab, reduced form of ɔāb, father. 2. Job, from Hebrew ɔiyyôb, perhaps from an early Northwest Semitic dialectal name meaning «where is the father?», from ɔôb, father, of dialectal origin, akin to Hebrew ɔāb, father. (Alternatively, ɔiyyôb may be akin to Hebrew ɔōyēb, enemy; see yb). 3a. Joab, from Hebrew ɔāb, Yahweh (is) father (yô, Yahweh; see hwy); b. Ahab, from Hebrew ɔaḥɔāb, father's brother (ɔaḥ, brother; see ). Both a and b from ɔāb, father. 4a. Abigail, from Hebrew ɔăbîgayil, my father (is) joy (see gyl); b. Absalom, from Hebrew ɔabšālōm, short for ɔăbîšālōm, my father (is) peace (šālōm, peace; see šlm). Both a and b from Hebrew ɔăbî, shortened form of ɔābî, my father, from ɔāb, father. 5a. abelmosk, from Arabic ɔabū l-musk, source of the musk; b. baobab, from North African Arabic bū ḥibāb, tree of many seeds; c. borage, probably from Arabic caraq, from ɔabū caraq, father of sweat; d. bwana, from Arabic ɔabūnā, our father; e. pataca, from Arabic ɔabū ṭāqa, «father of the window,» a type of coin. a–e all from Arabic ɔabū, bound form of ɔab, father, source. 6a. abba, abbacy, abbatial, abbé, abbess, abbey, abbot, from Aramaic ɔabbā, the father, my father, from ɔab, father; b. Barabbas, from Aramaic bar-ɔabbā, son of the father (see bn).

The American Heritage dictionary of the English language. 2015.

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